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Psychological and Educational Consultancy Services (PECS: established 1999) is a consultancy service which conducts psychological and educational assessments for children, adolescents and adults, and provides appropriate intervention relative to the outcome of the assessment, or as requested by the referring health/education professional.

PECS currently receives the majority of its referrals from the:

  • Medical Professions (e.g., Paediatricians, Psychiatrists, GPs)
  • Educational Domains (e.g., School Psychologists, Principals, Teachers)
  • Allied Health Professions (e.g., Speech Pathologists, Chiropractors, OTs)
  • Legal Fraternity (e.g., Criminal, Personal Injury, Family Court)
  • Family/Friend/Work Networks (e.g., Parents, Spouses, Work Colleagues)

Dr Shane Langsford is both the Managing Director and Senior Practitioner at PECS.

Dr Langsford is actively involved with all cases at PECS, therefore, all referred clients are assured of receiving their services from a highly qualified and experienced (>15 years in private practice) fully Registered Psychologist.

Dr Langsford has been awarded full Academic Membership of the APS College of Educational & Developmental Psychologists.


Academic Qualifications

PECS’ Managing Director and Senior Practitioner, Dr Shane Langsford, completed a PhD and First Class Honours in Psychology at the University of Western Australia, therefore, all referred clients are assured of receiving their services from a highly qualified and experienced Registered Psychologist.

Due to the nature of Dr Langsford’s PhD thesis, he has an excellent appreciation of a large number of psychological / psychiatric disorders, as well as the associated differential diagnosis and comorbidity implications.

Dr Langsford completed a Diploma in Education majoring in School Psychology and worked for the Department of Education for two years, providing him with the background of what is required in the school domain.

As part of the Diploma in Education, Dr Langsford completed a minor in Personal and Vocational Education which has given him a strong background in vocational guidance and occupational counselling.

Dr Langsford also completed a Bachelor of Science at UWA, majoring in Human Movement & Exercise Science, therefore he also has a strong academic background and appreciation for the positive benefits to an individual’s health and well-being that exercise and nutrition can provide.



Dr Langsford has received extensive training in a variety of counselling techniques (e.g., CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, Brief Strategic Therapy, Hypnosis, NET).



PECS conducts assessments for a wide range of disorders and has at its disposal a test library containing in excess of 150 assessment tools.

PECS encourages referring professionals to request specific assessment tools and intervention methods in accordance to their preferences.

PECS encourages former clients to make contact for advice or follow-up information, free of charge.



At the conclusion of either a brief or comprehensive assessment, PECS provides a report detailing specific recommendations. Reports are completed within 7 working days of the assessment.



Although the Australian Psychological Society’s Recommended Fee for the 2017/2018 financial year is $246 per hour, due to the financial constraints experienced by many individuals, all of PECS’ assessment and intervention services are provided at a significantly reduced fee.

All of PECS’ assessments are provided at a pre-determined set fee to ensure that clients are aware of the total cost to be incurred before committing to the service provision.

Services provided by PECS’ attract a rebate from almost all Private Health Insurers and also Medicare if a referral has been made by a Medical Practitioner under the MHCP scheme.

Arrangements can be made with PECS’ for clients to pay their accounts in instalments.

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Dr Langsford's Awards

Excellence in Postgraduate Studies in Education Award (2000)
Individual Research Grant (1999)
National Research Prize (1998)
Beatrice Silk Postgraduate Scholarship (1997)
Australian Postgraduate Award (1996)